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Matt Uelmen Lyrics

"Rogue" - Liner Notes - August 9, 2000

Standing in your own shadow can be a truly strange experience. Although I feel like we more than lived up to the pressure to improve upon the original Diablo, some elements were particularly sticky. The opening town theme was a good example of this.

Try as I might, it was impossible to get too far from the trusty 12-string. Though the first half of this track, which dates back to September 1998, works well, I did not feel like this tune came together until January 2000. It was then when I found the last toy (of many) which I bought in the making of this soundtrack - the hammered dulcimer. The ancient sound of this ancestor of the piano finally gave me the truly medieval effect that I had been seeking for years. The instrument itself has a pretty-but-tough texture which worked well with the image of the Rogues and their strange mixture of sadness and bloodthirstiness.

If this piece has any problems, they are probably due to my excess of fascination with texture, at the occassional expense of melody and rhythm. It was too much fun to contrast the acoustic 12-string with its electric counterpart in the first half and then to mix it up with the mandolin and the dulcimer in the newer half. As far as that slide part goes, I could not resist taking the Joe Walsh shtick to its logical extreme after all of the "Hotel California" comments I heard from Diablo players. I am a weak man...

- Matt Uelmen

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Comments from YouTube:

Hemm Humm

I swear video game companies dont care about quality soundtrack like they used to... THIS masterpiece will live inside my heart until I die.

Hemm Humm

@Juan yes music is a big key in many things!!

Hemm Humm

@winKoneR - Music its a masterpiece to me cuz its filled with emotions and its got the perfect atmosphere for a game like diablo 1-2

winKoneR - Music

Nah. By no means I'm saying this is not masterpiece, but there are many amazing soundtracks being released every year. And Matt never lost his style either. If you think this is somehow better than everything else produced these days, that's just nostalgia high.


Well. Sometimes you can have Hans F***ing Zimmerman compose the OST of your game and still not match or give it the feeling you wanted to. This song is not only a masterpiece of its own, matches the D/D2 games and gives them a new dimension and... well, this song r*ped our ears and our brain years ago. I mean, take Tristram/Rogue and a couple of songs more out of the OST, and it does not even feel like the same game.


This is the real reason I always return to Act I

Bill White

Ahh miss this.... Matt you are LEGEND!


Beatiful piece of music that brings many good memories about Diablo II.Matt Uelmen did an excellent job.


this came up on Spotify just now and triggered so many memories of D2. <3


So many amazing memories.

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