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Maurice Ravel Lyrics

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This guy wrote a single motive, dragged it for 15 minutes and called it a day. Truly a genius.

Jim R

This brilliant, riveting piece of musical work is far more complex than one would believe. The restraint and discipline of each musician in their performance is a wonder in itself. The musical refrain gently builds up to a magnificent crescendo giving each the ability to "let it loose" as us commoners would say. 😊


sound like a excercise piece

Victoria Chapman


POPPY Calliope

@Mama Trish When you have musical knowledge......... Funny with you people, you understand music from anywhere in the world and are able to a analyse the notes or something. Well it has been said that talented people are a bit crackers lol. The best I can do is listen and enjoy. Love this piece but I am clueless as to wether in a, b or c lol.

Wuodan Strasse

@Mama Trish Brilliant!!

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Can you imagine how difficult it had to be for the snare drummer? Never misses a beat ……………

Ham C

Steve reich's "music for 18 musicians" is a similarly punishing piece for percussionists

alexander shawn

nintendo wanted this song for the original zelda


I did it at school for the school orchestra. Hurt like hell after :D

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