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by Maurice Ravel

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Zookee The Hunter

Hello unknown person scrolling through the comments! You've got excellent taste in music!

Kai Natsume

This music, this comment, never gets old.

Shekster 101

Thank u but this piece of music is trash I’m just on this for a music project

Sebastian .Becher

Thanks my dear

Bomi 101

Spider Videos same I’m in 4th grade I have to listen to this for my exploratory music class

Spider katter

Hello I actually listen to this because it is my homework

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ad in middle of video is crime against humanity


@Kenneth Thorberg Google makes no money from Youtube. They provide it as a public service. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.


@DPO263 Then buy a CD of the music.

Kenneth Thorberg

@semireckless That would just be a pity , cause the music itself would still be available. It´s not like Bolero wouldn´t exist without effing ads in the middle of it.
The difference between a pity and crime against humanity is world wide.

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