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Maurice Ravel Lyrics

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j ludington

Idk if this was already mentioned but this song has some crazy origin!

Apparently, Maurice Ravel had this tune come into his head out of nowhere while on vacation or something like that. Thing is, this melody kept repeating over and over in his head like some kind of earworm yet he never heard anything like it before. He quickly ran to his piano and tried to play what his brain was playing for him. Eventually, he brought about this tune into creation and now we have Bolero. The strange part about this, however, is that out of nowhere, he started becoming obsessed with this repetitive style of music. His older work was usually much more melodic and complex when compared to this song. This was all thanks to this weird melody that started playing in his head.

As the years go by, he started having difficulty writing and controlling his flow of thought. There is evidence of him writing down numbers saying something like: "One, Two, Three... Three... Three... Three... Four." He also was witnessed cutting food while holding his knife by the sharp end rather than the handle. Basically, there was something bad happening to his brain and he was going a little nuts. This disease he had was a neurodegenerative disease that caused primary progressive aphasia. Something commonly found in individuals with this brain disease is their obsession with repetition. This is apparently an early indicator that the individual might have this disease. Therefore, it is said that this song was an early sign of his disease. The wildest part of this story is that some painter from Canada known as Anne Adams who was known for painting many different things became inherently interested in this song "Bolero". Similar to Ravel, she was becoming more and more obsessed with repetition. Due to her passion for this song, she painted a piece which she calls "Unravelling Bolero" (I'm sure it's on google if you look it up). The thing is she never painted anything like this, and after that, she started painting the same content over and over again such as strawberries. Eventually, she was unable to use her dominant hand due to her brain disease and had to paint with the other hand until that one gave out. Despite all this, she continued to keep trying to paint because that's all her brain wanted to do until she could no longer.

I guess you can say this song is a beautiful symptom of insanity. If insanity had a theme, this would be it.

I probably butchered this story up but read/listen about it here:
It's a great story.

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Aprender Idiomas y Cultura General con Rodrigo

It reminds me of the music my dad used to listen to when we were kids.


The pasttime, love it. This is a tune my fam <3

Daryl Green

My dad too listened to this particular piece. It influenced my taste in music



Arran Walker

My dad listened to a lot of classical music, and he called Beethoven’s 6th symphony my “lullaby” because I would make a fist and strike my thigh with it in time to the music... when I was 19mo old. Yeah, my sister and I grew up with a lot of classical music. He died in 2014 at the age of 66. I’m 43 now.

George Azzopardi


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@General Katarn Cool, why aren't you making brilliant works.

General Katarn

My great great uncle made this. You're welcome

Bob Franklin

Yep, I'm a brit and it was famous on 'dancing on ice' lol. I heard it while re-watching digimon and came here looking for a comment like this lol

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