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Weh Dem a Do
Mavado Lyrics

Gangsta fa life
Real bakkle is on
Anyway gangsta fa life

[Chorus: x2]
Weh dem a do weh dem a try
Marrow wi fly into di sky
Gun mi nuh barrow mi money buy
A bwoie wi die
(Marrow wi fly)

Anyway mi nuh tek talk sen bwoie body to di grave pawk
Dem bwoie deh nuh have nuh brave hawt
Dem and dem girl have di same hawt
Dem a cry like a bitch wen di war stawt
Dem a run like a witch wen wi get wrawt
Man guh murda dem bloodclawt
Gangsta fi life wi nuh tek talk


Warlawd bakkle stawt yuh nuh si weh dem gone again
Gangsta fi life wi cyaah calm again
Yeah bring dem arm again
7 8 9 10 get corn again
Weh dem a guh do now di tugs dem cawna dem
Yah man a perform again
Di girls dem love how mi gwaan again
Fiyah fi a man weh nyam unda dem

[Chorus x2]

Let dem know dat yeah
Yuh know wi naah talk again
Coppa will balk again
Yuh know weh mi a seh delly

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Comments from YouTube:

adrian davis

this was the first mavado song i have ever hear .  i will never forget it  

Daynisha V



This is before the war, I was very young and just took a heavy liking to his art. Now fast forward it’s gullyside for life

The One

Has this banging years back east 3 whole cell block jumpin err body got wild



bay 876

@Marc grand theft auto

10 More Replies...

Eden Isaiah

still listening 2019..Movado on love from Nigeria


All police did a play this inna them car...Mavado had one of the greatest debut year in dancehall history

Willie Green

i never notice how Mavado looks like omar from the wire

Teron Davis

But omar gay lol...

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