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Perpetual Motion
Max Cooper Lyrics

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Anthrax The cracks are showing, on my face I didn't think that…
Casey Bolles Surround me with everythingPaint me red I'll own these feeli…
Colours Run Morning drowned you in the silence Washed up on a traffic…
DJ Crystl Meu plano sempre foi Ter um relacionamento sério com você …
Procol Harum Rings around the crescent moon Passions rise from basement…
Spiritus Mortis You gave yourself to me That was not enough I need more…
the A The cracks are showing, on my face I didn't think that…

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Supine You, you are so beautiful It used to be, you and…

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Lab Rats Project

Max Cooper, I love your music. This is the kind of stuff I make in my head, but I'm a million years off being able to make anything like this, or get any of my ideas out.

I love your experimental and conceptual approach to music, drawing from different inspriations and disciplines and I love how your music triggers an emotional response without words, especially this one.

You're a truly inspirational artists, one I imagine I could have been like. I've only just found your music, through your association with Rob Clouth, I torrented a song of his years ago, "Deep Field". An amazing track and one i have recently come back to, I hoped to find more similar music, (now that I've aged a bit, dubstep doesn't do it for me anymore!) And that's how I found your music. I now intend to buy most of your work from bandcamp, funny how things work oumusic

Keep on producing, you're on an amazing journey and I'm loving hearing your work and really excited to hear the development of your sound. (Great videos too btw!)

All the best

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Max Cooper

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Wtf why do you advertise your album on Jon Hopkins clip ?


my mom really loved his music and they played this song at her funeral today. that's when I started crying because it reminded me so much of her.



Ben mmm

I‘m sorry for your loss. Sendung you lots of love.

Canned Tuna

Sorry to hear that my guy she had great taste in music

Simon Hughes-King

Seriously? Sorry for your loss. Big hug.


Kudos to the creators of this music vid. Watched the making of this vid and im in awe of how passionate and excited you artists are in creating something so visually stunning. Keep on making magic! Loving every max cooper video and his trancelike music. Takes me to a place of peace and wonder.


Thank your for giving us an interstellar musical experience,


I wonder if the architects and engineers who built these cities and roads imagined a future of floating robots and camera views from these high angles? It's fascinating to watch, and the sense of motion is so incredibly visceral. Really enjoyed this video.

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