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On the Nature of Daylight
by Max Richter

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Freddie Fonda

this music remind of how i'm wasting my life

Un Usuario

How come?

Eddie Gohary

Nah friendo, youre just preparing for something big; like a battle (metaphor)

Muneera Abdulla

Maybe you’re wasting your life by yourself,you chose that,
Others judged to live no life
Like me and millions in my society ,
They just brought us to no life..

Little Demon 18




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1000instruments Girl

In psychology they call this feeling sublimation: when we get the sadness and pain and turn it into something beautiful.
Like art.
Like this.

Eddie Gohary


ShortieBerg !

1000instruments Girl well said

1000instruments Girl

Hassan. Lol 😂
If you ask mr. Google about what sublimation in psychology is, maybe he’ll tell you

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