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On the Nature of Daylight
Max Richter Lyrics

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Scott Johnston

Um.. wut? Gawd, it's amazing how some people have no clue of the meaning of music.

The "song", which is a very insulting term for this magnificent piece of music, is not asking anything. As a life long musician, very few works are designed to postulate are meaningful question. I know from experience then when I write a piece of music, I simply write it because it's in my heart and in my head and I have to get it out.

Any meaning is my personal belief or my decision to express it. But when somebody else listens to it, they have no clue why I wrote it.

Unless you met Max Richter, and asked him specifically what this piece of music meant to him, because all musicians write from a purely subjective point of view, you have no idea what he wrote it about. And it's certainly not asking you to think about life.

And as I said as a lifelong musician, who's written dozens of songs and a few decent pieces of music. If I had to dare and interpretation, I would think the piece is his point of view as he sees a profound pain he has observed. And that could be anything that happens in the real world. But something in the real world caught his eye and raptured his mind and you decided to produce this piece of music.

And by that I mean, he chose to make it public. I've written several pieces of music that will never be heard by anybody.

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Klaudia Golis

You know music is good, when it can be played on wedding, funeral, birth, deathbed, engagement, UFO welcoming...

One Om

Not to mention Charles Bukowski DREAMLESSLY


Don't forget lobotomies.


...or whilst being lobotomized in an insane asylum

Atharva Deshpande

@Saitama Sensei not a coincidence, they used this piece in Arrival.


This is really not suitable for a wedding, birth or engagement. This is an incredibly sombre piece of music.

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Marla Martin

How does this song utterly break my heart, then completely heal it, every single time I listen?

Maria Vializ

Yes it does, it’s one of those songs that goes to the heart.

Marla Martin

@J. B. Always happy to help! Thank you for your kind words.

J. B.

You worded how I feel every time I hear this, but didn't know how to phrase it. Thank you Marla.

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