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When I Get Home You're So Dead
Mayday Parade Lyrics

The words are coming, I feel terrible
Is it typical for us to end like this
Am I just another scene
From a movie that you've seen one hundred times
'Cause baby you weren't the first or the last or the worst
And I've got to fill the blanks in the past with a verse
We could sit around and cry
But frankly you're not worth it anymore

So say hello to all the boys
At the top of this table that you're under
Lipstick lullabies
This is sorry for the last time
And baby I understand how you're making new friends
This is how you get by
The moral this time is
Girls make boys cry

And I
On any other day would shoot the boy
But your simple toy
Had caused a scene like this
Leave him hanging on the walls
Just a picture in the hall
Like a hundred more
Consider this as a gift
When you taste him on your lips
And he's making you scream
With his hands on your hips
I hope he's leaving you empty
Baby, this is just a fix
For such a simple little whore

And your name remains the same
All that has changed is this pretty face
So pull the trigger
It never gets closer
You want to start over
But never start over

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Comments from YouTube:

Hattori Hanzō

Nostalgia. These were the best years.

Jared Ciara

Agreed favorite concert I’ve ever been too

Jack Nack

Naw not me. I was bullied

Jordan Rayne

The best and the worst for me

Hattori Hanzō

The best. When this kinda music was around, people were different. It was a whole different world in a way. Growing up through my teen years during that time was some of the best years of my life. Indie and alternative, and acoustic music was the best. City and Colour, Cute is what we aim for, The Scene Aesthetic, and so many more awesome fucking bands. Good times, good times.

Max UwU

I'm 12 and this is my fav song. Where those years good?

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I’m 32 tamed with a desk job, but hearing this song brings back so many memories, driving around with friends and nowhere to really go. Brings back a little 🔥

Hunter Jardine

Oh how I miss being 14-15 and jamming out to this song thinking nobody knew what this song meant but me

Taylor Lou-Ann

I remember blaring this on the bus to school. Just listened for the first time in 10 years and I still know every word.


My inner scene kid will always love this song ❤️👅

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