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Mechanix Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Overtake' by these artists:

Frank Edwards Rocktown in the building You say! Adriano Hahaha Spirit in m…
Stone Hear the sound of music, make it come louder Make your…
Team A 初めから 強い心なんて 誰もが持っているわけじゃないんだ 細い枝も風に吹かれて しなやかに 逞しくなる もし君が悔しさ…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Mechanix:

Dhruboshor ছায়াকে বিভক্ত হতে দেখেছি রোদের অভাবে ছায়ার ভেতরে সহিসের মৃত …
Elegy কেউ আর কারো চোখে দৃষ্টি রাখে না নিবন্ধিত নয়কো কাহারো পানে কে…
Hawar Namey আলো দেখে কেমন আঁকড়ে ধরি, তুমিতো সেই জলের ঈশ্বরী, ডাকতে পাবো…

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Comments from YouTube:

Martin S

These guys in the pit crew rarely get much air time but they are so important for the success of the teams and they deserve some recognition. I hope to see more pitcrew footage in the future to get a look into their side of the races.


What a fantastic crew view 👍👍

Jou t7

Yes Red Bull pitcrew are of course part of Max succes, becuse Red Bull pit crew hav emade top 3 fastest pit stops im the world to Max Verstappen.

Harry Meijer


Airton Marques

Maior sacanagem está corrida.... fórmula 1


Now they have a new member in the name of MASI😂🤣😁😅

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I don’t think we will see a finish like that in our lifetime again, so whether you wanted Hamilton or Verstappen to win, we all had a enjoyable time.



Lukáš Szabó

@Kk Rech that didnt age well


@Kk Rech quedaste 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

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