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Medieval Steel
by Medieval Steel

Beyond the sands of time within the realm of the mind
There is a land where life and death are ruled by steel
Out of this land five conquering heroes arose to make their stand
Throughout their journey they staked their claim that they were the
warlords by the name Medieval Steel.

There was a time long ago
When men fought for steel
The sword was worth more than gold
And easy to make the kill

Twenty years in the gallows
One slave began to rise
He fights a thousand battles
With hatred in his eyes

Medieval steel cuts you like a knife
The warriors on the battlefield
Laying down their lives
For steel

Then came the day he was set free
Free to roam this land
Iron will in is his heart and his sword in his hand
He began to take command

Over the mountain through the glen
Came the king and his marching men
To fight the fight and to kill the slave
When the fight was over he was dead

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