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No Cure
Megan Hilty Lyrics

I got this fever
Running through my veins
Keep on trying
But I just can't shake it
All this medicine
That I keep taking
It aint working
I keep hurting
It's something more
What if there's no cure
Pick me up and
Take me back to my bed
Put a cold towel on my head
U said try
Some of this instead
Then u tell me
That it's working
But I'm not sure
What if there's no cure
I've been blind
Since u left
I can see no way out
I've been deaf
Since u left
To any word of hope now
And the scary thing is
It aint getting any better
What if there's no cure
I light a candle and
I say a prayer
I might need
A miracle right here
Cause I'm fading and
I feel so scared
I'm disappearing
I used to feel u so much more
What if there's no cure

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Comments from YouTube:

George Chlada

Broadway stars are way better going into pop music that vice versa(like pop stars going on broadway)

Jenna Bora

That's because their voices are better trained than pop stars and they usually have bigger ranges. 

jo donato

Wonderful performer. Megan can sing, act and dance. She is the complete package.


I like the fact that she doesn't have to always sing out fully. She can hit big notes easily but instead of doing that all the time she can hold back. I respect a powerful singer who knows when and when not to use their power.

Danny Ton

I'm depressed, and this song perfectly sums up what I'm going through.

Sandrinha Luana

what a beautiful voice

Jennifer Droessler

wow Megan is just amazing, i love her voice


I love this song!! Megan's voice is insanely powerful!! I mean she definitely can belt any song to the back of the house. It's nice to see her shine in a different musical genre. And be able to be soft and understated!!

Alanna G.

My best friends mom (my boss) only has a few days left, cried this whole song. It's beautiful!

Michi Dipa

Beautiful song! I love Megan!

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