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Get Smart
Melbourne Ska Orchestra Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Get Smart' by these artists:

Cinerama I heard exactly what you said But I know that he…
Fabolous [Verse 1] I like 'em brown, yellow, Peurto Rican or Asian Wh…
Silver Cat Silvercat Miscellaneous Get Smart Right yah now wi a kill t…
Squeeze Get lucky, Get jumping, but get smart Get walking, get lovi…
War Rocket Ajax You call me every year or so. 'Cause you're the only…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Melbourne Ska Orchestra:

Lygon St Meltdown Things were getting hot in the night, And the air wasn't…
Lygon Street Meltdown Things were getting hot in the night, And the air wasn't…
Paradiso See the people slaving to the top With nothing much to…
Sly Boots First time that I saw them they were walking out…

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Comments from YouTube:

muzz Reggae

Newska, me gusta. Instrumental 🎹🎶🎵🎺🎷

Mayur Desai

Love it! Brings back memories! Ska needs a resurgence!


100% agree


I have always loved Ska since I first heard Mirror in the Bathroom back in high school. But this video has shown me the true power of Ska: to bring smiles, dancing, and joy to my heart, even after 3 weeks of social distancing and near isolation (I live alone). Thank you so very much!!

Joseph DiDonna

@Peter Gruhn Once I heard The English Beats' " Tears of a Clown" in 1980 I was hooked on Ska!

Yasmine Morantes

Me toooooo♡♡♡♡

Peter Gruhn

That's a good intro. My intro was, I thiiiink, a boot cassette of "I Just Can't Stop It" my sister got at college. "Listen to this." ZOUNDS! Which album starts with... "Mirror In The Bathroom." And maybe some Bad Manners and Specials... I forget.

Ive Vandewalle

I was 12 in 1979, when The Specials were on the radio with 'Gangsters'. It influenced the rest of my musical heritage.
Afterwards I got intruduced into all the original ska music that happenend in the late 1960'ies, it was a revelation!
Always fun to bump into giant bands that carry on the vibe!!! Succes!!!

paul wylde minibuger

We so need a SKA revival in the UK .


As a kid in the U.K., I discovered Blue Beat Special, the second album I ever bought, saving up pocket money to do so. It was around the time most were listening to the Beatles. I was too but needed something different... the joys then of no TV or internet, just Radio Luxembourg, and the Pirate stations. 😊

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