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Candy Gun
by Melt-Banana

I can catch a kicker, kickup
I've got a candy gun
Kick a checker set up
Keep out the careful cats
Can I wake a sweeper setoff?
I've got a candy gun
Make a wish that you give up
I love to hear some noise
Like a cracker
Rather a blaster
I can laugh out
With a heeler, better beater
I just feel like shit
I see posers more like liars out there
Hiding something good or bad?
But I don't care
Cause I've got my candy gun

Check out, it's me
Check out, it's you
Pick up the flashpoint
Mess up! So what?
Here are my candies in my pocket
Won't you try some?
They are so sweet like hell

I guess I need no see no hear to be wise
I break myself so hard
But so what? I hate it!
Head or tail, what is clear what
You think's maybe cheat, maybe not
And You loose your eyes
I've been thinking
About it for 200 years
Can you take a spell?
Check a heeler set
Let a scissor cut
I can keep myself save
Because I've got my candy gun!

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