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The Longest Time
Men Of Note Lyrics

well here we are again
its always such a pleasure
remember when you tried to kill me twice
oh how we laughed and laughed
except i wasn't laughing
under the circumstances i've been shockingly nice
you want your freedom take it
that's what i'm counting on
i used to want you dead
but now i only want you gone
she was a lot like you
maybe not quite as heavy
now caravan? is in you too
one day they woke me up so i could live forever
its such a shame the same will never happen to you
you got your short sight eyes? and
thats what i'm counting on
ill let you get right to it now i only want you gone
goodbye my only friend
oh did you think i meant you
that would be funny if it weren't so sad
well you have been replaced
i don't need anyone now
and if i delete you maybe ill stop feeling so bad
go make some new disaster
thats what im counting on
your someone elses problem
now i only want you gone
now i only want you gone
now i only want you gone

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Comments from YouTube:

Ryan Anderson

I think they're main problem is taking the song way too fast


Also, I prefer the fast tempo. maybe a tad slower, but it sounds good fast.

brad saunders

Ya definitely

Ariel Kregal

that is my fav. version of this song! its so depressing that they were the first to go. -.-

Alexus Monique

the lead singer reminds me of frankie lymon.

Christian Bebee

oh my u read my mind.. EXACTLY!

Love to Sew Studio

great job guys! Loved the harmonizing and the ending was great!

Jonny Mattis

Amazing and their mentor was lookin sexy ;)

Megan McNesby

I loved them so much.... especially some with muscle ;-)

Grace Sweeney

Mrs. Bass is one of my teachers at Temple. does really great work!!

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