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Walking Song
Meredith Monk Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Walking Song' by these artists:

Arlo Guthrie Words and music by Leah Kunkel Oh, last night I sat…
Fiamma Fumana I tread on the red dust which stains my clothes I…
Inner Journey 行き先も決めぬまま歩き出してしまった ダメになりそうで不安で仕方ないけれど 下を向いても足元が見えているならば 大丈夫だ…
Kate & Anna McGarrigle Wouldn't it be nice to walk together Baring our souls while…
Los Lobos She's got me walking, got me talking, Talking to myself. An…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Meredith Monk:

Turtle Dreams I went I went to the store I went to the STORE,…
Turtle Dreams (waltz) I went I went to the store I went to the STORE,…

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Comments from YouTube:

Celeste Villegas

This song for some reason worked like magic to get my son asleep when he was a babe. Now he's 18 month old and he doesn't like it so much.

Surge Álvarez

lol, I can definitely see it having that effect on a baby

Vlajka Bajka


Vlajka Bajka


Vlajka Bajka


Claude Alain

c'est très original, très personnel... Dans la mesure où il y a une qualité minimale dans ce type d'oeuvre (et c'est bien le cas ici!), on doit saluer respectueusement la réalisation. Surtout à une époque effroyablement conformiste où le bétail et son instinct grégaire s'en donnent à coeur joie...


My mum used to work in a bookshop and she said she played this every time a customer walked in and when they heard it they walked straight back out the door


I'll be with you in a moment Mr. Lebowski!

s c i e n c e

This sounds a lot like the traditional Healing Songs of the ative north-american tribes.


Now I wanna visit Ohio for some reason...

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