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Mesh Lyrics

Throw the towel in
Write the poison letter
Burn the place down
Let's make it better

Pour the fuel in
Make the carpet wetter
Burning paper-bin
Let's make it better

Tiny thumb-wheel
Slide across the metal
Little yellow box
Let's make it better

And if the wind blows
Then it's gone forever
Little firefly
I think we made it better

I think we made it better

Little firefly
I think we made it better

Contributed by London H. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


I been looking for this album all over, still havent found it.. awsome uploade.

Витя Пукин

Welcome to Ukraine ЧУВАКИ !!!


Why is this album so hard to find? DOnt find it on Spotify or anywhere else? I have lost my CD somewhere and cant find it


The live one on YouTube is lame, but this is perfect!

Faultier der Herzen

amazing song !! thx for upload

Closing the Loop

DeMesh mode

Closing the Loop

Manon Feuvraux et sa joke

Manon Feuvraux

Non c dépêche mode et sa c mesh


Pyromaniac song. :3


I agree, thanks alot.

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