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Daylight Goodbye
Message To Bears Lyrics

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This song makes me feel like m life is a Hollywood romantic movie.. It makes me wanna appreciate all the beauty surrounding me! And when I do that I have a trail of euphoria that lasts for days <3

Erik Mora

Their music makes me think about life a lot . . . 

Zach Dobson

@Puppy Punter Rachel😢

Puppy Punter

@Erik Mora This song and Mountains are like my top faves by them

Erik Mora

no net yet but u will now!

Puppy Punter

+Erik Mora did you listen to Message To Bears - Mountains yet?? That song made me love this band.


I have been listening to this song everyday at work now for the passed two or three days now, all day. I can not get enough of this song.
  Everytime i listen to it, i always see myself riding somewhere on a sunny day with leaves falling from trees with a gentle breeze blowing.
  I have finally found a song that i can connect and feel with like i have always heard people talk about happening. This song is...just wonderful.

Valarie Ryan

Its beautiful


Holy shit are you cereal?? How come this beautiful piece of music is not well known?? Thanks LiS brought this to my knowledge!!

Quantum Studios

ya like 90% of the songs I listen to my friends have never heard. which is weird that there not even on the car radio.

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