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Across The Burren
Michele McLaughlin Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


Heard this in my dentist's office today. Most adventitious root canal I've had, the doc must have been fighting some dragon in there.

Anne-Elie E.

This comment is hilarious😂


I would love to see someone choreograph a ballet to her music, especially the celtic album.  Woodland creatures, nymphs, faeries and such dancing to this - I can totally see it in my mind.  Sadly, I can't dance, lol.

Actarus Fleed

It doesn't matter if you can't dance. Try dancing your way anyway and express yourself. Make yourself happy! I dance by myself at times when I chill out in my basement.

Vijaya Vathsa

Never give up on something, move ur arms...I can totally see u do a sort of ballet type steps in this...just wear those shoes and put ur arms up...the steps will happen due to the sheer power of music


When I hear this tune; I want to get up and dance around my house, a middle finger raised on each hand; because "fuck yeah!"

Andrea S.

+Jhada42 Me too! This track would be lovely for a ballerina to use as a soundtrack for her solo performance.:)

Angel Dragon

Heard this from Amazon Music! (from Amazon Alexa) Love this song! These are also some other really good piano composers you guys should check out: Brian Crain, Helen Jane Long, Philip Wesley and Michele McLaughlin of course!

Gumdrop Buttons

The 17 people who disliked the song are just plain weird


Not weird, that would be a compliment. Tone deaf is more proper.

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