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Just Dropped In
Mickey Newbury Lyrics

Woke up this mornin',
The sundown shinin' in.
I found my broken mind,
In a brown paper bag of Zen.
Tripped on a cloud,
I fell eight miles high.
Tore my mind upon a jagged sky.
I just dropped in to see what condition,
My condition was in.
Ah, ah.

Pushed my soul in a
Deep dark hole, followed it in.
Met myself crawlin' out,
As I was crawlin' in.
I woke up so tight I said,
"I never will unwind."
Saw too much I broke my mind.
I just dropped in to see what condition,
My condition was in.
Woh, Lord, Lord,
What condition my condition was in.

[Whistling chorus.]

Ah, ah, ah-ha.

Somebody painted "April Fool,"
In big black letters on a Dead End sign.
I had my foot in the gas,
As I left the road and blew out my mind.
Eight miles outta Memphis,
Lord, I got no spare.
Eight miles straight up,
Downtown somewhere.
I just dropped in to see what condition,
My condition was in.
Oh, Lord, Lord, Lawd,
What condition my condition was in.

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John Dersham

I have been a fan of Mickey Newbury, nearly from the beginning of his career. I have everything he officially recorded and love to find stuff like this that is unofficial. I have many favorite singer/songwriters from the 60s and 70s but Mickey stands alone. I can judge this by the number of times I go to my music listening room that it is Mickey I put on the turntable or CD player. He had this remarkable way to re-interpret his music and often spontaneously combining two or even three separate songs into one in his live performances. He was a master of lyrics and interpretation of them. I feel strong emotional content as I cling to every word he sings no matter how many times over 50 plus years that I have listened to him. He went through a lull in the late 80s and 90s for recording but when he started doing albums on his own label in the late 90s, right up till he passed away, some of his best content, best lyrics and most fantastic performances are in those albums. He basically doubled his catalog in his final years, amazing for sure. I was honored to see him perform live twice, once in 1974 and again in 1994, both times in Nashville. I met him once, but would have loved to have an actual conversation with him.

Bill Yovino

I've never heard of Mickey Newbury. Live and learn. I've always liked the First Edition version but this is far superior.

Alan Nowland

Tooo rite


If there is a playlist of songs to be found by the inheritors of this planet in the distant future, I want this song to be among them. I feel my soul weep tears of sorrow everything I hear this song, and it's a sadness borne from living long years and seeing things that mark you. Micky Newbury seems to be a forgotten secret in the history of music. Please share this song with those you know will appreciate good music.

Kuba Piwowarczyk

This is certainly the greatest incarnation of "americana" ever. Mickey has songs that are comparable, "Storm is coming", "The Sailor" for example, but this is so goddamn raw... It's completely amazing.

Alan Nowland

The best song

Paula Musette Bagwell

Go to Acuff-Rose Publishing Co Nashville, TN. My husband was their engineer in the early 80’s. He had already recorded Gill Scot-Heron’s Secretz and the Allman Brothers Band. He worked with Malcolm Cecil at TONTOs in LA. He went on to Shania, Tim McGraw, Clint Black and more. He was Lynn Peterzell, he died in 1994. His brother Lee engineered Dust in the Wind, Kansas. They started out as really young guys at the Studio in the Country, Bogalusa, LA. Remember the audio engineers! I’m glad y’all found Mickey. Mickey was so nice and thoughtful. I’m so glad y’all found him. I miss him.😢@BillGraham 💙🎼

Neil Christopher

I will.⭐️

Mary Plaidy

@Bill Graham Every time I hear him sing it makes me so sad for my youth and the country as it was before it began to be filled with people who hate it.

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Stefano Consiglio

I keep coming back for this version.

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