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Bad Bad Boys
Midi Maxi & Efti Lyrics

Bad bad boys aha
yeah ah ha, yeah ah ha, ah ha (2*)
bad bad boys, come with me, come with me(2*)
I feel positive
this time, I wan't to go away ah ha
bad bad boys, come with me, come with me, yeah

Hi it's me, if you know what I mean
I said it's me, my name is Efti and I wan't you to see
that positive people live longer
don't be negative (negative)
just be positive (positive)


You keep on asking me
why can't we be together
I thought we had forever
I thought we love eachother
some other day strong, now I feel alone
I'll know someway and I'll know someday


I like it like it is
and I like it like it was
but I'm not so sure anymore, anymore

Chorus (2*)

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Comments from YouTube:

Elizabeth Ley

It reminds me of the movie untamed heart when rosie per is dancing by the jukebox lol

Cassie Hall

watched that movie tonight and yupp, I had to look it up😂


That’s how I know the song.



Jessica Cereceres

Elizabeth Ley I’m watching that movie right now 🤣😂🤣 so I looked it up and here I am 😂🤣

Shaunna Gibbs

That's why I'm listening to it. HAHA


I forgot how much energy they had in this video

Guess Who




Kris Guerra


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