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Mike Foyle Lyrics

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Pumba Timon

Это просто нечто! Более 10 лет прошло, а трек все так же цепляет своим звучанием и невероятной энергетикой.

Лев Lucky punch

Сейчас таких не делают.както слабая муза пошла нонче.не то .

Logic & FireIsland

I see that more and more people are coming back in time to listen to old great trance music :) no wonder because there's no touch in tracks nowadays :( and why do they last max 6 min ?

Liam Williams

because people find it hard to hold their attention for more than 6 min. its a very sad world we live in. Love these old gold tunes


Greg Freeman Andrew Bayer. Mat zo. Andy moor

A.J. Antonacci

The journey, it's all about the journey it takes you on. Today's trance (the popular stuff at least) has no journey. This track took me somewhere else and brought me back home.


While I think older times are the more glorious ones please don't say all modern trance has no touch, as this is simply not true. Not everything back then was gold and not everything nowadays is shit. Don't think so black and white. Many of my favorite Trance tracks were made around 2005-2011, but there are some guys that still to this very day love this genre and produce music with passion, touch and their heart in it.

lucky lancau

This is what we so called "classical".

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2019 and still amazing!!!

Роман Погосов

Sitting in the airplane as it accelerates down the runway and flies off to the beat is ...I wish my eyes were cameras recording a videoclip

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