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Fine Print
by Mixed Blood Majority

I told you all I got to tell you, sang a little somethin'
And I sold you all I got to sell you, now I got nothin'
But a pocket full of "hmmm, what was I thinkin?
What was I drinkin'?," Night sky sinkin' in the
Ever-fading dawn, tresspassin' on oblivion
Split me into dividends but turn the key and let me in
Knock, knock, knockin' on the door to rock bottom
If it opens got problems, if it's locked I'm not stoppin'
Cause I came just a little too far
To be pulling over and parking the car
I ain't had sleep since last November n'
I ain't gave a fuck since I can't remember when
Better get a picture, I'm walking out the frame
With a dagger in my back and a dollar to my name
Stagger in my tracks, swallow all the flames
Tryin' to wake the sleepwalkers, they'll follow all the same

Copper in my veins, scrap-metal shakedown
One too many numbers got me wonderin' how some stop the itch
Can't put your finger on it just to scratch it then that's it
Back to the button, push mindless
Plus, minus, one, zero, yes your highness

It seems you've arrived with the spies that supplied us
Now we're all fine with the rules that confine us
Defined by the climate, designed by the fine print
Did you read the fine print?
Naw man, but I signed it
Well soon you'll be reciting it like poetry
Hand over your heart, fingers crossed up your spine
Codename nothing, get ready for assignment

Silent, silent, I will be silent
Speak when spoken to, never be defiant
Focused, focused, I will be focused
Only think positive, block out the hopeless

Patient, patient, I will be patient
Take my medication, wonder where the day went
Famous, famous, one day I'll be famous
Then all the pretty people will remember what my name is

Codename "Nothing"
Got a million dollars in my body if you chop me up
Sold my nose for a facelift but it was still worth it
Cause one day I'll be famous instead of being worthless
Searchin' for a purpose, tryin' to decorate the feedback
Cheek my medication, maybe I don't really need that
A peek behind the curtain gives me reason to believe
That all my demons are reflections of deceptions I've received
Downloaded, overloaded the ghost in my machine
That made me comatosed, designed a new subroutine

Trippin', going on an ego trip, drip, drippin'
Must be how the needle skipped, landed diff'rent
But I know who my people is and their not
Where the evil lives, we don't need no

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