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Mo Pitney Lyrics

Have you ever picked guitar on your front porch
In the morning as the sun was risin'?
Or followed your dog down to the river
And ran into an ole' baptizin'?
Do you think to pull off on the side of the road
When that big black hearse is passing?
Have you ever helped someone in need
Without them even asking?
We do that in the country,
Let me tell you 'bout country

Country can be in the middle of a city
Country can be on a farm,
Country ain't even a place on the map,
It's a place in your heart

Would you ever hitched a ride to Music City
Just to see an Opry show?
Would you drive across the country
Just to listen to some country?

Country can be in the middle of a city
Country can be on a farm,
Country ain't even a place on the map,
It's a place in your heart.

Have you ever been there at the courthouse square
For the parade on the 'Fourth of July'?
With a tear on your face and a lump in your throat
As you watch ole' glory go by,
Or sat thru a service where they played tabs
For a soldier who never came home?
Or looked in the sad brown eyes of his momma
As she touched his name on that stone?
He fought for his country
And died for his country
Yeah I love my country

Let me tell you 'bout, country.

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Comments from YouTube:


Now THIS is a great song. I'll be disappointed if this doesn't turn into a monster hit, considering some of the garbage that makes it on country radio these days..

Georgia Cntry

Once again, country radio deemed it "too" country!!!

Jonathon Chapman

This Young Man is 100% Opry Worthy

Chelle Losano


Judy harl

Love this I love songs about God and Country.hope he goes far.

Iggy Valenzuela

100% natural country singer!!!! Love it!!

Merri Liddle

I am so glad to hear someone making the kind of Country music I grew up on. The stuff that is coming out now is good there are a lot of really good artist out there, but can't say I like the hip hop vibe in a lot of songs all that much


True country Fan's Are Behind You  Mo You Are Our Future Thanks Mo

Tracy Listinger

Now this is country.....lets bring it back!!! Thank you

Alex Dull

I'm honestly shocked that a song like this made it to country radio,with all the garbage that borders rap/hip hop. Good for you man keep country the way it's supposed to sound. I'll be rooting for you and this song to make it the top ten someday.

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