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Happy Birthday!
Modeselektor Lyrics

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Joshua Baker

Modeselektor's ''200007'' had been running through my mind on 1/4 loop continuously for ages, and finally today i remember name of them. thanks you wiki idm artists :)

Rob Sipe

To get the timing right, put one at 10 seconds, put the other at 0 seconds.  Hit play on the 10 second one and when it gets to 15, then hit play on the one starting at 0. You may have to hit pause/play real quick a few times on the one you started at 0 to get it just right, but you'll know when you do.

Stephen Cesarz

+Rob Sipe its glorious, i dont have to write this now. thanks

krista mul

Listening to this because it's my birthday :D

Christopher Rosales

krista mul same


I can't even listen to this song without doing the 15 sec trick. it's just too wonderful that way.

Rael Albert

I play this on my birthdays.

Doxia Sidus

its my bday today :D totally listening to this drunk AF at 9am hahahah :D

shaun kerr

Fantastic tune....!


it's real good when you just push fucking play

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