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Girl Scout Cookies
Mom Jeans Lyrics

I know it's not exactly what you're looking for
but that doesn't mean that you can disregard
all of the things that you told me before
I think back to all the times I kissed your hands
and how I can't stand the touch of any other hands
you tell me I should quit well I think you should sit
right there and think about how your words make me feel

take me back to water breaks and burning insides
way back when we got high for the very first time
I try so hard not to show how much I like this
'cause I feel happy again

so take me back
I'll wait

I know it seems like I'm wasting my time away when things that still don't matter I don't care who can shotgun faster
but when the goat runs dry what's left behind is someone.
I don't mind I'm dying with

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Comments from YouTube:

Jesse Williams

Mom jeans has fall back to school depression vibes

trvp visuals

this was all i played in november last year. major late fall vibes


yes, its a september/ october thing especially that time in 2016 vibes

nadia quinn

how did i just find out about this


Idk I just found out today

Callum Ormond

Shhh keep it a secret ;)

Jill Gallagher

If quarantine did any good, it at least gave you the time to get caught up on music.


Marietta cinco de mayo shit show


My ex gf came back and I no longer care THAT much, but you know...this song. Can relate.

Ethan Beale

@Haiku honestly its awesome to see Mom Jeans still helping so many people. They were a big part of my healing process.

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