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Bird's Lament
Moondog Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Moondog:

All Is Loneliness all is loneliness here for me loneliness here for me... lo…
Choo Choo Lullaby CHOO - CHOO LULLABY Choo - Choo Lullaby, sing oh me…
Do Your Thing Do your thing! Be fancy-free to call the tune you sing. Do…
Enough About Human Rights! Enough about Human Rights What about Wal Rights? What about …
High On A Rocky Ledge High on a rocky ledge lives a Mädel, Edelweiß. She has…
I'm In The World I'm in the world where young and old Are bought and…
I'm Just A Hop Head I'm just a hop-head, and so I'll be till I'm…
Moondog Monologue (Remastered 2019) No matter where I came from, I say, No matter where…
Moondog Monologue - Remastered 2019 No matter where I came from, I say, No matter where…
New Amsterdam New Amsterdam was her name Before she was New York New Amste…
Pigmy Pig Pigmy Pig, how big you are, big as Pigmy Seal. Pigmy…

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Leper Lord

​@Geytkeypur Yhis is brilliant

i am just learning of you right now mate

Did you play this sax?

What is your band/project called?

At 1st i thought u were a former saxaphonic member :)

I would love this in lossless


Here's an interesting fact.

Artur Rodzinski who was Music Director of the NY Philharmonic (1943-47) recognized the genius of Moondog and wanted the Philharmonic to perform his work.

Unfortunately there wasn't enough money in the budget and Moondog couldn't afford to create the necessary arrangements for an orchestra.

Rodzinski was one of the few forward thinking directors of the Phil and after his tenure ended there wasn't any interest from his successors to champion Moondog's work.

To me it's an artistic tragedy. If genuises like Moondog and Charles Mingus were recognized and accepted by the classical music world it would have opened up the creativity of the genre and everyone would have been better for it.

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Justyn Challis

anybody got a bpm for this by chance?

ice la honk

@orangething nice, that was my intuitive guess.

Teo Larrosa Granolleras

Not really... More like 100 BPM.

Teo Larrosa Granolleras

​@Jan van Lient Not really... More like 100 BPM.


I checked and it's 101 BPM

John Miller

It's not electronic music, so the tempo is going to fluctuate a little bit. Just imagine trying to count to 60 for 26 minutes and nailing on the head every single time, then multiplying it by 7 or 8 musicians. Just doesn't make sense to think about it that way. I just counted 40 beats in ~24 seconds, which puts it at very close to 100 bpm.

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Just found this guy....its like finding a million dollars in the street!!!!!!!

Teo Larrosa Granolleras

Can't compare to that...

WetDroiD Edition


Inter Lude

infiniteandroid just discovered him too.. it’s bringing me something so good to my life

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