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Bird's Lament
Moondog Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Moondog:

All Is Loneliness all is loneliness here for me loneliness here for me... lone…
Choo Choo Lullaby CHOO - CHOO LULLABY Choo - Choo Lullaby, sing oh me…
Do Your Thing Do your thing! Be fancy-free to call the tune you sing. Do…
Enough About Human Rights! Enough about Human Rights What about Wal Rights? What about …
Fujiyama 2 富士の山よ 私を連れ去っておくれ あの人が死んでしまったから この人生はもうおしまい 富士の山よ 何処にあの人が佇み、…
High On A Rocky Ledge High on a rocky ledge lives a Mädel, Edelweiß. She has…
I'm In The World I'm in the world where young and old Are bought and…
I'm Just A Hop Head I'm just a hop-head, and so I'll be till I'm…
Moondog Monologue No matter where I came from, I say, No matter where…
Moondog Monologue (Remastered 2019) No matter where I came from, I say, No matter where…
Moondog Monologue - Remastered 2019 No matter where I came from, I say, No matter where…
New Amsterdam New Amsterdam was her name Before she was New York New Amste…
Pigmy Pig Pigmy Pig, how big you are, big as Pigmy Seal. Pigmy…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Leper Lord

​@Geytkeypur Yhis is brilliant

i am just learning of you right now mate

Did you play this sax?

What is your band/project called?

At 1st i thought u were a former saxaphonic member :)

I would love this in lossless

All comments from YouTube:

Justyn Challis

anybody got a bpm for this by chance?

Will Terry

Count it for 15 seconds and multiply by 4. I count roughly 100 - 104 BPM


@C J Parrott count on a sweep hand 30 seconds multiply by 2, that’s how I did it way back in the 70s. Nowadays there are apps for that. Cheers.

Luca Celetta


The Oracle

The Bass drum is going at 100bpm

ice la honk

@orangething nice, that was my intuitive guess.

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Just found this guy....its like finding a million dollars in the street!!!!!!!



Phill Healey

@Nathan Hoobler Mostly on a roundabout though.


@Robert Yuille Awesome ... Thanx man!!!!

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