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Mord'A'Stigmata Lyrics

Mentis habitus Lucifer

A correspondence between the Chakrams
Lights out in the dark halls of unexplored dimensions…
Hail wisdom!
Toxic vibrations from the rotten habitations of ghouls
Just try to see what's unseen…
Transcendental planes…

The moon(s) – so suggestive…
Thoughts – so obedient…
Night(s) – so silent…

Atrophia sensorium

The highest perception asleep by the
Reduced ditches of the going energy…
Hail empathy!
Create the connections between, to the level of
The final illumination…
Just try to explore what's unexplored…

Contributed by Leah D. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Angel Croitor

This is just so beautiful. This is absolutely phenomenal. I shall be checking out the rest of their discography!

Hela D'Asgard

Perfect One !

Jakub Libner

10:50 .


Wow that part in the middle to the end was fucking great!


love it thx band

Richard Cam

favoris !!

Norsk 666

Muy bueno ...

JANUSZ II PONURY Sz to znaczy wiele

Jak to mówią powywa do tańca KOLEJNA ODSLONA ALE ZAWSZE BEZ ZARZUTU>:)


When you appreciate this kind of works, especially in black metal, you've reached a superior level. If only people could understand this type of beauty...


Oh, how intellectually superior you are. Can I bask in your light for even a second?

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