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Inna Dem Ting Deh
Morgan Heritage Lyrics

Well, I'm Catherine Morgan
And I'm the next-door neighbor to the Gotee's
And uh, the Gotee's were over there
And they had a drummer that came in here
To play the drums that day
And he played it early in the mornin', and he played it
I had him for breakfast, and for lunch, and for dinner
So I hollered at Todd and told him
That I couldn't stand that drummer any longer
That he was driving my crazy
And Kevin spoke up and said, "Mrs. Morgan," says, "that's a live drummer
We've got over there today"
And I said, "If he hits the drum one more time
He's gone be a dead drummer"
And that was the last I heard of the drummer that day

Writer(s): Nakhamyah Morgan, Donald Dennis, Ingo Rheinbay, Memmalatel Morgan, Una Iyarn Morgan, Roy Morgan, Peter Anthony Morgan, Melbourne Miller, Mitchum Khan Chin Copyright: BMG Ufa, Sampan Publishing, Heritage 4 Life Music, Dubplate Music Publishers Ltd.

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Comments from YouTube:


What an infectious bass line ...... This is reggae....


Can someone tell me the lyrics? Blessings from Kenya. This song was a big hit here a while back.

Njenga Mwaniki

@Rose Mpululu πŸ˜‚

Rose Mpululu

We nuh inna dem ting deh, haffi bun a fyah pon di wickedness that gwaan deh

Ismael Kahn

embe1 l

Ismael Kahn

embe1 l

Abdisalam Abdi

Lyrics...we nuh inna dem ting deh.Haffi burn a fire pon de wicked me seh gwan dem.inside ma block we site another city far dem. Rastafari loose the 7 seas and beffal dem....Judgement beffal dem...Mob love

bradley biketi

..judgment befall dem*

Kida Just In Lilou

Do you have the rest of the lyrics please? The lyrics of the verses? Thank you

Robert Abonyo

Superior riddim still loving it.....inna dem ting deh

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