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Morikazu Aoki Shota Kageyama & Game Freak Lyrics

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Not a big fan of how classically derivative Aoki was for particular tracks like Oceanic Museum and Surf. Period influence is one thing but some feel like more of an archetype piece with nothing interesting to offer as a markedly "Pokemon" sound. But of course that's just a minor (perhaps even nebulous) preference thing. However, his Route 120 composition feels fresh and adventurous; a perfect match for the corresponding area.


@Tailesque strange how I find those two songs the most emotional and unique (it could be that I didn't listen to too many classical composers, who knows), but I really love the fact that everyone doesn't love the same tracks!

Giovanni Benso

Owen McNeilly Route 120 was my all-time favourite route theme until 7th gen came out with Ancient Poni Path

Matteo Brunetti

Meteor Falls music is one of my favorite of all series


Thanks for doing these, I've always been a huge fan of Pokemon music and it's interesting to see it split out by composer like this. Out of the RSE music Aoki is probably my least favorite, although that's not a bad thing, considering the competition...


I have to agree that Hitomi Sato is an amazing composer, but there's something about Morikazu's soundtracks that I can't seem to forget, as cheesy as that sounds. Route 120 played on my way back to Fortree City, and I'd found this amazing little secret base area on that route. And the Oceanic Museum, and Fortree City, and Surf--they're all super catchy, amazing, and memorable soundtracks, so much so that I really wish he'd stayed.

Maybe I'm just biased, because R/S/E is my all-time favorite generation.


Hi dude, thanks for thid video !
I just wanted to know how do you have like the list of which songs are made by whom ? I was looking for it when i found your video xD
Good joob again, cya !

Francisco X

Surf <3

bauerklos music

scratch that, apparently he works at alphadream now! good to know, wouldn't mind hearing more music from him


I don't think that will ever happen unless AlphaDream get Shimomura to stop making music for them lol

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