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Mulatu Astatke Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Tezeta' by these artists:

Asnaqètch Wèrqu እሱ ርቆ ሄዶ ፍቅሩ ከኔ ቀርቶ እሱ ርቆ ሄዶ ፍቅሩ ከኔ…
Helen Berhe መድረሴ ነበር ወደኸኝ ሲጨንቅህ ያኔ ባልወድ አደል ወይ ያንተን እምባ ማየት…
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard with Mild High Club Tezeta, tezeta Tezeta, tezeta Remember, remember Tezeta, tez…
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard; Mild High Club Tezeta, tezeta Tezeta, tezeta Remember, remember Tezeta, tez…
King Gizzard The Lizard Wizard Mild High Club Tezeta, tezeta Tezeta, tezeta Remember, remember Tezeta, tez…
Mahmoud Ahmed ትናንትናን ጥሶ ዛሬን ተንተርሶ ነገንም ተውሶ አምናንም አፍርሶ ይመጣል ትዝታሽ ጏዙን አግበስብሶ…

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Comments from YouTube:

Alieu Bah

This somber joint takes me back to Addis and taking that long bus trip to Shashemane - in the hope of renewal and ever new openings. I’ll never forget sitting at Wonder Cafe in the Bole area at noon time when I discovered this beautiful and eloquent piece of light. It was such a long meaningless day. Meant everything in the end. Peace to Mulatu and all those on the set.

William Trakas

Ahmed Mohmoud

Beautiful story bro and well-wrote . Where are you now? Wish you the best , I just discovered this yesterday and I canr stop listening it.

Chris S

This may be my favorite musical recording of all time.

As a westerner, it's hard to understand the context surrounding the 'tezeta' or 'tizita' genre. It's often compared to American blues because it's a simple form that can be manipulated by a musician to evoke specific feelings of longing or nostalgia. But I'm guessing this comparison is probably missing a lot of context that an Ethiopian person would have. Some 'tezetas' don't sound anything like this recording, but they do evoke a similar mood.

It's also hard to find information about this specific recording. It seems that it appeared on Astatke's album "Plays Ethio-Jazz" but the credits on the back of that LP don't even list Astatke as having played any instrument on the track. And the track says "Opracawonie Janusz Szprot" next to it. That seems to be Polish for "developed by Janusz Szprot" or "elaboration of Janusz Szprot" or something like that. Szprot was a Polish pianist. Is he the one playing piano on this track? It would be kind of a bummer to find out that Astatke didn't even play on this recording.

I'd love to know more about this specific recording session. Who played sax? [Edit: It looks like it was Tesfa Mariam Kidane] What other tracks were recorded during this session? The music is magical in itself, but the recording quality is so perfect - that dusty, intimate feeling really enhances the mood of the music. Would love to hear more tracks recorded at this session, if there are any.

ice la honk

@riseagainphoenix you guys might enjoy this. I thought it was a great idea. They made lots of videos with that vibe in mind:


Also one of my favorite recordings of all time.

Studio Magnétique

The recording quality just oozes character. It is as close to perfect an example of catching a mood on tape as I've ever heard. It is quite simply beautiful.

Chris S

@riseagainphoenix Thank you for your insight into the recording!


I believe he's the bandleader/conductor and arranger for all of the songs on the Ethiopiques vol. 4 CD, so he might not necessarily have played an instrument on every track but he "created" each one, so to speak. They put the CD together by combining a bunch of old collectors' vinyls of early Astatke, so more info about the recording session might be forever lost to time. But I really agree with you about the sound quality of this recording! That old, almost muffled sound to it really does enhance the nostalgia--it feels like hearing a grandparent or elderly neighbour play a record from another room through a wall. I love it, thank you for highlight that.

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I was listening to this song in the bus, when a thought crossed my mind. My beautiful dog, forever young in my deepest wishes, will someday suffer the same fate as my previous dog, the natural process of death. Interestingly, while listening to it, and instead of freaking out about it of feeling sad, I realized just how lucky I am to have such an amazing companion by my side, and how proud I'll be to accompany him through the end of his life cycle. Love you Baco 🐕❤️

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