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Blinded by Blood
Mura Hachigu feat. Nokturnes Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Blinded by Blood' by these artists:

Ulver You are From the heart Of it all The light…
Ulver (2005) You are From the heart Of it all The light…

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Comments from YouTube:


This piece makes me go through some quite different mental states. From fear, to wonder, to blissfulness. Ulver completely nailed it and to come and think of the music scene they originally came from. Also, kudos to the person who compiled the video. It managed to combine two masterpieces.


Rest in peace, H.R. Giger.

Le Citoyen Machin JULES LEBLEU

The peace of ossuaries , , can we call it peace , when all are dead ... All this magnificent musik made By ULVER , for me , is the beauty of death ....the Giger's unic muse .


Amazing song, and amazingly well done video.

I cried a hundred times.

Jose Arias

Is the feeling of dread... To look at the miniscule representation of cosmic horror.. and seeing the freedom of my ignorance... And peacefully accept a place in the universe where I'm less than miniscule.. unless I create.. like Giger .. would it free me

milkman's wife

this video was my introduction to ulver, way back in 2006. I would watch it over and over again. coming back to this now is a real trip. thank you for making this back then


:::I love Ulver's sound, And Giger's artwork fits their sound perfectly:::

Sylvael 2002

This is a very twisted lullaby. I LOVE IT.


When I was in the university I studied at night years ago and I slept with this song


This song is a work of art in itself...My mind goes somewhere else in time whenever I listen to it. It is one of my favorites from Ulver. And Giger's art compliments it perfectly. I love both :)

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