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Stiletto Sex
Myah Marie Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Stiletto Sex' by these artists:

Myah! She needs to fuck everynight she needs to suck, she needs…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Myah Marie:

After Midnight Everytime I'm steppin' foot in the spot Actin' naughty with…
Battery I don't mean to shock you i've been putting to…
Feet On The Ground things were not progressing don't pretend you didn't know …
Heart Attack I need a paramedic You've just stopped my heart (Oh no) An…
I Like It Loud So baby turn it up, Cause the speakers gotta boom. And yea…
I'm Insane My phone is off the hook, You're cramping up my style. I…
Sugar Rush My sweet tooth, satisfaction I'm freaking out out o-o-o-out …

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Comments from YouTube:


Love this song I don't care its dirty!

Jimmy Duvall

Myah Marie has some real good songs!!! And she sounds just like Britney which is bomb :)

Eleonora Monikiewicz

To jest Britney Spears "She slips on"

allishana Xoxo

Hard words :D


omg i like this song

jerry Melina lee barker lavish

this song is fucking amazing I love her music but she kinda sounds like Brittany Spears to me

Milana Lyrics

Not to you, for everyone!