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Nachtmahr Lyrics

Ich habe nur ein einziges Interesse
Ob ihr lebt oder krepiert ist mir egal
Ich will euch tanzen sehen...

Boom boom boom!

Contributed by Eli F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Commenter Commenty pants

This sounds like it would be a fucking awesome soundtrack for an action platformer. Or any game with tons of color, energy and a bangin' combat system.
...I want to make that game, dammit.

Russian Cloaker



Tried it in Beat hazard on Nightmare mode. it kills your screen.

jewa2 he quedado sin realmente la mejor que he escuchado de nachtmahr


Nachtmahr; great to listen to when designing and 3D modelling

Leonardo Ábrigo

buena cancion!

African Signature

This is the best techno I've ever heard in a very long time and I was fanatic of it, that and trance.I was told Germen techno is the best!Perfection!Love the rhythmic power beats! .*This also serves me right as to being a fan of varied international music.Top favs,  Japanese, Turkish, German and Swedish music *.
My pride is my diverse nature!


@malachai weitzel Actually it's neither. It's more like Rhythmic Noise on a Hardtrance beat. Classic Industrial is completely different and even Electro-Industrial is. There's no denying this is much more Techno oriented.

malachai weitzel

INDUSTRIAL I'm sick of people who don't know the difference

Zoé die Kleine

And it's not Techno it's Industrial :D

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