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Nana Grizol Lyrics

I once saw a sunset
So vivid and warm that I swore it was perfect
I once had a lover,
I'm not sure if I'll recover,
But I know it was worth it
Then, last night in the car,
The falling raindrops looked like stars
Of some incalculable speed
Then later, my friends said
"Good to see you again, this is a home to me"

So I wrote a song and I called it "The Love of my Life"
Said "don't be gone long", it now sings me to sleep every night

And I never learned a lesson looking at my own reflection,
But sometimes it seems useful
So I loosen my heart strings in high hopes
Of starting to find something truthful

Cynicism isn't wisdom,
It's a lazy way to say that you've been burned
It seems, if anything,
You'd be less certain after everything you ever learned

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Comments from YouTube:

erica marin

this song reminds me of those times you just look around and aren’t happy, but are more just...content and okay. and looking around and aware of ur existence and everything thats led u to this moment and these feelings. and i LOVE IT!


As a person living with major depression, having been in an episode for many years now with rare and brief intermissions (lasting one week or one month)
I do not wish to he happy. I don't miss being happy. I feel exhaustingly happy during my intermissions.

I know that feeling of contentment your referring to. It is undoubtedly superior to happiness. You know it is because it feels profound and you experience it in the moment it happens. Happiness feels great but it's more like excitement. It's exciting. But excitement ends and happiness is the cousin of pain. They can't exist without the other.

But contentment is that quiet stillness that allows you to be connected to everything. No good or bad, just is. Tranquility. Understanding. Connection.

jamie landstrom

your description is the best part about this


jamie landstrom Thanks I try (lost the login to the account)


Its so wholesome

Justin Dela Cruz

Hmmm, the chair definitely has something to do with Boo Radley's insecurities of the outside world.

Francis The Snail



Justin Dela Cruz RIP H. Lee


When I first heard this song in highschool, i understood the meaning but didn't fully relate to what they said.
10 years later. I've lost so many people that meant the world to me. Death showed his ugly head, and decided to make the rounds. Most of the things i believed in, turned out to be lies. Life isn't anything what I hoped it would be.
Still, I think of this song. Every time i'm tempted to be a cynic, I remember that life is hard for nearly everyone. Human beings are adaptive. We find the fun part of the storm. So bring it on.

ILostMyRemoteInTheSofa Hhehe

This is literally my favorite YouTube comment cause I felt this so much. I’m taking a screenshot of this it’s to underrated 🥺🥺🥺

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