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Elevator Beat
Nancy Wilson Lyrics

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sydney caurnigham

guys i have cancer .. im 25 years old i should be angry about that but right now im listening to this song and im happy and thankfull for every second in my stupid life


May you be free from suffering, in this life or the next

Paulius Semetulskis

Are you alive ?

Karate Vlogs

Tried to find you on facebook but there were no results. I really hope you beat the cancer. Sending love.❤

جوجو جوجو

Wish you be ok ❤️🌹😐

Wolfman Maverick

I hope you’re doing good now and if not, I hope you received heaven ✝️❤️

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A Schulze-D

Seriously, One of the best movies ever.....

Otto Frinta

@Arnold Baeza I have, about 10 years ago, and I remember being such a sad movie that a while ago I thought about watching it again but hesitated due to it being so sad.

Arnold Baeza

@Otto Frinta you MUST see THE JACKET.that letter he writes near the end will break your heart

Arnold Baeza


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