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Elevator Beat
Nancy Wilson Lyrics

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Impeccable. I am never one to feel so much from a song.

My feelings for her were unrivaled. I took every chance to be at her side, and enjoyed every moment. We'd lie in the grass, watch the clouds pass by and dream of forever flying above, followed by no form of discord, only sweet embracing harmony and love. It felt like... A beautiful slumber in the afterlife. Together in a world, existent to only the two of us.

But... We grew apart...

And she's found another...

I am happy for her. She's happy.. and that's all I ever wanted for her.

I am with him now, and he's all I ever could ask for. I may not know what the future holds but I've learned to cherish every moment. Because in an instant, it vanishes.

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Filipe Alves

The morning after the nightclub, you woke up on that street, hung-over and alone. You got up and walked away. You never saw Sofia again.

rubber chicken

"This was a kind woman, an individual, more than your equal. You barely knew her in real life, but in your Lucid Dream, she was your savior."

Who's cutting the onions?

Luna de Xelaju

One of the most beautiful movie lines, everrrr!

J. Finkle

Reading this hurt

ahmed al hussein


Jim and Dawn Cutler

Every passing minute, is a chance to turn it all around. Stunningly beautiful song. 

Alexander Edmondson

This music kind of makes me think about someone looking back on their life as they are on their deathbed.  It makes you put things into perspective about your own life.  You think about the things you've done and haven't done, the things you've seen and haven't seen and the people you've met and will never meet.  If Vanilla Sky teaches you anything, it's that having dreams are nice but at some point, we all have to wake up and make those dreams happen in our real lives.


I don't want to dream anymore, I want to live a real life

Ezequiel Rivara

I think that the point is "What is happiness to you" Living in a dream where you can believe and create whatever you want? Or "open your eyes" and living the real life...

Sona Scofield

Uau comentário incrivel! neste filme eu aprendi uma coisa, que a cada minuto que passa é uma chance para mudar tudo, posso recomeçar agora e deixar os erros do passado de lado.

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