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Narrows Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Narrows:

Absolute Betrayer Taking bite after bite until my gut is full. Its always…
Face Paint Paint coats the walls with the blood of us all. Cut.…
Under the Guillotine The Crown is worn by a sullen son. Today is the…

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Comments from YouTube:


Is it just me, or has Dave's vocal range been significantly lowered since "We are the Romans"? Not to suggest that it doesn't still tear through my head like a chainsaw.


absolutely dude, it's been like ten years and he's still doing this shit haha


you took the words right out of my jaded 36 year old mouth. thank you, I consider you a true friend and brother. If you're ever in wichita ks I will buy you dinner and beers and give you a couch to crash on.


NOTHING dave is in could ever be bad.


my band are opening for Narrows in May. Cannot fucking wait :)

Stephen McCrory

Fucking Amazing




Pleasure is mine!!!


is there any relation with Harkonnen?

Christopher Burke

Narrows/Botch vocalist Dave Verrelen's brother plays bass and does vocals for Harkonnen

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