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Nawal Al Zoghbi (Arabic: نوال الزغبي, born 29 June 1972, Byblos, Lebanon), is a successful Lebanese singer. Performing in Arabic, she has a fan base throughout the Arabic-speaking world and extending into North America and Europe. She has had a musical career from1991 to the present day.

Nawal began singing at an early age, despite familial opposition to the lifestyle of a musician (her family changed their minds when they realized she was serious in her ambitions). She is influenced by the work of pioneering Arab singers such as Egypt's Om Kalthoum.

Nawal started her singing career after participating in Studio El Fan in 1988, she became a professional singer in 1991. Al-Zoghbi released her debut album titled "Wehyati Andak" in 1992, when she returned to her birth city, Beirut, after a two-year singing sojourn in the Gulf countries. Since that time, she has released seven other albums, each proving popular in the Arab world. Nawal takes herself seriously though, and has made it her business to develop extensive knowledge about what's happening within the Arabic music scene.

Controversies happened around 1998 when Al-Zoghbi released her album and single titled Mandam Aleik. The song was originally sung by Syrian singer Houwaida. It was a huge success to Houwaida, but a while later Al-Zoghbi released the album with her version of the song. When inquired about allegations of taking Houwaida's debut song, Al-Zoghbi claimed she had the song for a while and recorded it prior to Houwaida's release. On television interviews, she showed papers showing lyrics of the song claiming that these are the originals and that Houwaida took it from her.

When Houwaida was interviewed about the whole matter, she stressed out that she was preparing for the release of the song before Al-Zoghbi as it was her debut single. Houwaida was said to be more calm about the matter, and mostly asked God to forgive Al Zoghbi for such act. But this didn't affect the career of Houwaida, as she pursued and got quite successful in the Pan Arab media. The song is available on both singers' records and they got their share of popularity mostly after the conflict.

Her album Maloum which was released back in 1999 is believed to be her biggest failure throughout her recording career. As the low selling figures of the album, Al-Zoghbi herself declared regret to rush and release it since the previous one, Mandam Aleik, was released a year earlier.

In 2002, Nawal cooperated with music video director Sherif Sabri to come out with a new look for her song Elli Tmaneito. After airing teasers on Egyptian satellite channel, Dream TV. After full broadcast, Al Zoghbi worked hard on promoting the album by appearing in several TV channels, printed media and more.

Nawal's next album was to appear 2 years after the release of Elli Tmaneito. The name of this eagerly anticipated album was Eineik Kaddabeen. This album was accompanied by two music videos: Eineik Kaddabeen and Bi'einek. After promoting this album, Nawal then began work on her most recent album Yama Alou. She first released the single Rohi Ya Rohi in August 2005. Her first live performance of this was at a concert she held in the Hammersmith Apollo, London. She also made a music video for this song. The next single to be released from Yama Alou was Shou Akhbarak. This was released February/March of 2006. She also filmed a music video for this.

Nawal has released a song dedicated to Palestine called "Ya Quds" (O, Jerusalem).

Nawal participated in a patriotic song called "Ya Omati" with many other Arabic singers. She also recorded a song called "Hikayt Watan" with a number of Lebanese singers for the liberation of south Lebanon. As well as the song "La Ma Kholsit Le Hkayeh" after the death of Rafic Hariri.
Habibi Dialy
by Nawal al zoghbi

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A'oullak Eih 0: 0 ha 'ollak aih walla aih walla aih Hobak bel…
Ala Bali انا على بالي على بالي Ana 3ala bali 3ala bali Its on…
Alf Womeyeh كيف ما بضيع باسمايهم كيف مابتغلبط فيهم كيف إلك جلادة ومروة…
Ana Baddi Eish ana baddi 3ich tetrekni wala btehwani ana baddi 3ich ta3c…
Bain Albareh Wa Al Yom من وين أجيب اللي كان بقلبي راح ومشي و طريقه طويل ممكن…
Bedeea Welthawany مابتكلمشي إلا عليه بجيب سيرته أنا برتاح بعيش طول عمري أفكر ف…
Bei Einak Raga3aly leeh howa ely shofto ma3ak shwaya Mosh 3ayza ashoof…
Bi' Eynak راجعلى ليه هوه اللى شفته معاك شويه مش عايزه اشوفك امشى…
Bladi نوال الزغبي - بلادي قلبي مشوق يا ماه الوحش كبار ااااااااه …
Dalouna 3alada el 3ouna ghaneeli shwayeh ba3dak ya rou7i betfaker fe…
El Layali الليالي رجعتلي تاني El Layali ragaitni tani, The nights br…
elli tmanetoh اللي اتمنيتوا باحلامي دلوقتي لقيتوا حبيت الدنيا وايامي علشان…
Gharibi Hal Denyi وينك حبيبي قلي حبيبي معقولة نرجع سوا بعدك ببالي وبعدك يا غال…
Habbeytoh حبيتوه سنين طوال و اليه القلب مال و حلمت يكون معايا…
Hekayti Maa El Zaman حكايتي مع الزمان كان ده كان كان اسمه حبيبي كان ده كان كان يو…
Kalam Ellail نوال الزغبي - كلام الليل تكلّم و اختلق الأعذار و لا…
Maarafsh Leih معرفش ليه ببقى معاك متغيرة فرحانة ليه و كأني طفلة صغيرة حاسة…
Maloom مالوم مالوم والله مالوم مالوم عينك يل تهواني ما تفارقني لو …
Mona Einah منى عينه يقابلنى وهمه بس يكلمنى حلمه صار بالدنيا يجيلى ويعتذ…
Rouhi Ya Rouhi ياللى أسرنى هاجرنى ليه انت فاكرنى ولا إيه قوول ياحبيبى…

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