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Open My Eyes
by Nazz

Underneath your gaze I was found in
The haze I'm wandering around in
I am lost in the dark of my own room
And I can't see a thing but the fire in your eyes

Clear my eyes, make me wise
Or is all I believe in lies
I really don't know when or where to go
And I can't see a thing 'til you open my eyes

I've been told by some you'll forget me
The thought doesn't upset me
I am blind to whatever they're saying
And all I can see is the fire in your eyes

Can't believe that it's on your mind
To leave me behind

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John Mariano

The opening notes is very similar to the Who's "" I Can't explain" but the talented Rundgren takes these chords to a different stratosphere - the beginning almost gives you the sensation of blasting off in a rocket and then.....when he has you in that hard rock mood, he counter punches with the "can't believe that it's on your mind......." such s sophisticated change in melody but then, he returns to the hard rock. This song was soooo underrated - just like Todd has always been UNDERRATED

Ernest Kinas

Part of the charm of the sixties was that bands acknowledged other bands.

Patricia LAMBERT

@John MacQueen The song you're referring to is actually called "Let's Go", the first track from 1979's "Candy-O" LP

John MacQueen

Struck me as like the opening to The Cars tune "Its the night life baby' whatever that is.

Patricia LAMBERT

@Robert Goldstein If I were Pete Townshend, I would be miffed that my brilliant opening chords were co-opted by, of all things, an ELECTRIC PIANO!

Robert Goldstein

I loved this album when I was in college. PSU ‘71 grad. Todd’s sister also was at PSU then.

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green priests

One of the best singles ever.

Majestic Sanctuary


Skye MacAllister

@TralfazConstruction amen!!!!!!


Hear, hear.

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