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Arthas My Son
Neal Acree Lyrics

An Karanir Thanagor
Mor Ok Angalor
Mor Ok Gorum
Palahm Raval
Ro-mun A'l Ga
Ballog A'l Enthu
Korok Na Boda
Ha! Ma! Da! Ma
Erigo Eo Draco Modo
Mor Ok Gorum Pala'ahm
Mor Ok Croval Angalor
Mor Ok Gorum
Pala Ah'm raval
Specto Su Praesenti
Caligo Caelum
Mor Ok Croval Anga'lor
Karanir Thanagor
Karanir Thanagor

Writer(s): Neal Acree

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Comments from YouTube:

Bruno Balažic

Great composer.

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