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You Weren't There Anymore
Negative Gemini Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Negative Gemini:

Forget Your Future We said it all We've done it all We cannot take it…
You Never Knew You only hate the ones you love And I was always…

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Mirella Cheng

I buried you under the stairs
With your cool art you couldn't fit on the walls
I said I'd remember this forever
You didn't care, you just pulled away out the door

I never saw you again after that
I wonder if you even think about that
You come in alone when I sleep
And you're staring back at me

Why do you keep coming 'round
You know I don't wanna see you
I'd feel better if you felt bad

I always knew you needed to break someone
The way someone broke you
I guess time was running out

You weren't there anymore
You didn't care at all
You weren't there anymore
You didn't care at all

You didn't care
You didn't care
You didn't care

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Cyanide Butterfly

NG is very underrated

The Fallen



I find I say that about so many indie acts. There should be a better way.

Brent Grant

neck brace with glasses is bad ass


Best twerk


shawty knee touched they ear

Dante K

Everyone saying Twin Peaks but ignoring the obvious Bring It On reference?
Also this is fire.


laura palmer never dies

Samy Arabi

love you negative gemini, you looked so good <3


@standall スタンドール

maybe lynch trolls everyone and lets her pop up screaming anywhere...anytime

for the next 25 years ...until season 4

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