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A Tab In The Ocean
Nektar Lyrics

Climb aboard, imaginary waves
Of thought beneath the veils of bluey-green
Armoured horses with sparkling sunset eyes
Give a passing glance

Funny creatures with funny plastic lives
Purple thrones are set in deep disguise
Neptune's world around us lies

Wake up, take a chance, climb aboard
Life is changing the oceans floor
The time is near, when nothing's clear
Nothing's left

Falling, I'm only falling
To the answer, to every question
Is it real, or just deception

Taste, touch and find
What it is, that's in your mind
Truth can be yours
So let it come
Just like it did before

Sorrow, there's no tomorrow
And the answer, to every mans question
Is it real, or just deception

Taste, touch and find
What it is, that's in your mind
Truth can be yours
So let it come
Just like it did before

Soon now
As night turns into day
And minds step out to play
In the sun
In the sun

This feeling will be yours
A feel you cannot ignore
It's the one
You've waited for
It's the one
You've seen before

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Gary W. Wade

Personnel for this lp
Roye Albrighton – guitars, vocals
Mick Brockett – liquid lights
Allan Freeman – keyboards, backing vocals, Mellotron
Ron Howden – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Derek "Mo" Moore – bass, vocals
Produced By Peter Hauke
Engineered By Dieter Dierks

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Dave Brewer

Over half the Music that i have bought in the last 5 years . I bought because of Youtube Uploaders turning me on to Fantastic Music that i never would have known about . Classic Rock Stations suck and even Internet Radio doesn't play anything like this . So , Thank You for Posting this awesome Classic and so many more .

Xander Jamie

@Malachi Ephraim Whoa! It took about 15 mins but it worked!

Malachi Ephraim

I dont know if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram password using Instapwn. Just google for it if you wanna try it


Try looking for Progzilla Radio. ..... lots of awesome prog. ..... :-)

Tim Bonczyk

problem is radio rock stations have a set of songs they keep in constant rotation

John Vinga

Yes, radio has become all about the money nowadays. Back in the late 60s and early 70s, FM stations trying to break into large markets like St. Louis, Pittsburgh, etc. would play stuff like this. Esoteric, progressive, alternative and independent bands got airplay, and a lot of the music of that era is considered classic today. FM radio now is really glossed over AM Top 40. The set lists are smaller, repetitive and predictable. Bands like Iron Butterfly only get one song played. Led Zeppelin gets overplayed, but only about five of their songs. The music is more derivative and commercial to a large degree. But most groups don't get any airtime whatsoever.

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dale robinson

Why are there no times next to the tracks?
Here you go:
1. A Tab in the Ocean- 0:00
2. Desolation Valley/ Waves- 16:44
3. Crying in the Dark- 24:55
4. King of Twilight- 31:23

Junilia Maria da costa


Bill Graham



Atta gurl

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