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Lolita Ya Ya
Nelson Riddle Lyrics

Ya ya... wo-woo ya ya
Wo-woo ya ya... woo-ya ya ya

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Lolita Ya Ya is so plain, so weird, so simple yet is so addictive, I love it!!! I literally just synced it to my phone last night (downloaded it for free) and I haven't stopped playing it since I woke up this morning. I was up since 6:30 and now it's 8:30 and I've played it on repeat non-stop!!


you're sick , like me ...

Joseph Consoli

I love this melody. So early '60's. I thought it worked well in the movie. It musically expressed James Masons characters inner thoughts at the time. Free to pursue his teeny-bopper desires!

Deyana Woolley

What meaningful lyrics

Wordling Skimmington

@Michael White yea these 12 yr olds where do they get them, they just don't make em with intellect do they


ya ya

Michael White

LOL Meant to underline Lolita being so vapid?

Bryan Palmer

As a young boy I used to hear many songs like this either on the radio or played at home-so relaxing


There are two version and they both were used in the film.  This version is used for most of the bubble bath scene and ending as Humbert arrives at camp Climax.  The other version is used  earlier in the film and the first half of the bubble batch scene.

Van na

I love this so much...been listening to this since 15 and now is 19. Lolita is still one of my fav movie! Dance before we gets old.

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