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Everybody's Gone to War
by Nerina Pallot

I've got a friend
He's a pure bred killing machine.

He said he's waited his whole damn life for this

I knew him well when he was 17, now he's a man who'll be dead by Christmas

So, everybody's gone to war
But we don't know what we're fighting for,

Don't tell me it's a worthy
Cause no cause could be so worthy

If love is a drug I guess we're all sober,
If hope is a song I guess it's all over,
How to have faith when faith is a crime,
I don't want to die

[Chorus 2]
If God's on our side then God is a joker,
Asleep on the job his children fall over,
Running out through the door and straight to the sky,
I don't want to die.

For every man who wants to rule the world,
There'll be a man who just wants to be free,
What do we learn but what should not be learned,
Too late to find the cure for this disease


[Chorus 1+2]

I, I-I, I

I, I-I, I
Don't want to die

I-I don't want to die

[Chorus 1+2]

I, I-I, I
I, I-I, I
Don't want to die

I-I don't want to die

I've got a friend, he's a pure bred killing machine,
I think he might be dead by

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Written by: Nerina Pallot

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