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Take Your Air
New Energy Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by New Energy:

Saleel Sawarim saleelul sawarim nasheedul ubah wa darbul qitaly tariqul hay…

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Comments from YouTube:

DJ Lifted AndreaS

One of their best tracks in my opinion, but I'm pretty biased though since I adore almost every single thing they've ever produced! RIP NU NRG :(

Joey Collins

So many memories!! Nu-Nrg!❤🎧🔥

Sri Rama

A great mix!

Hugo G

Nice melody.Reminds me a bit of Cosmicman-I love you. Btw never knew there was 3rd member from Nu-Nrg. So sad why they had to break-up. =(

VILLEGAS Luis Alfredo

Excelente !!!

Ravegirl's World

new energy!

Ani Miswati

so good


I found this song when I was listening to DJ doboy’s trancequility mix vol 19

In doboy’s mix the track sounds different, perhaps a tuned bpm? I think this one sounds good too but not as fine tuned.

christophe secq

Sublime yes trance😁👌👌😋😋

Cristian Cortés


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