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Earth Story
Nicholas Gunn Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Nicholas Gunn:

A Place in My Heart Recuerdas esas promesas de fin de año Y con cerveza Ya las…
Broken All those years Fighting back the tears It's like it never…
Phantom Ranch Pehle kyun na mile hum Tanha hi kyun jale hum Milke mukammal…

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Comments from YouTube:

Amy Higgins

I bought this back in 1994 because I was a stressball in school and couldn't relax or sleep and I picked up this cassette at the mall knowing nothing about the music. To this day, its still one of my top 10. There is something magical about this album...but, I have yet to pick up another N.Gunn so I'm going on a musical journey tonight to see what I have been missing out on since our first introduction. I am excited to hear more of his beautiful work, but ... I don't know how anything could top The Sacred Fire. :)  This album helped me through the drama of my late teens! It also helped me through my first joint!! Once the giggles ended, terrible paranoia set in! No one explained the paranoia thing to me beforehand. I was SO worried that my parents would know what I had done just a few minutes prior to my friends dropping me off at home as soon as I walked through the front door. It was late enough that mom and pop had decided to go to bed early, so I was able to aviod eye contact but I could not avoid saying goodnight and telling them that I loved them. I was laughing and worried but I think I was laughing because I was so worried, everything was hilarious at that point. :) Lucky for me, they didn't notice a thing, and I was able to get to my room, put The Sacred Fire in my stereo, turn it on, and once I was completely relaxed, I laid on my bedroom floor with the windows wide open ( it was chilly out, maybe 55 degrees I remember, I turned my lights off, and I just laid there in such a peaceful warm and wonderful state that it was kind of like a religious experience. Like that or....maybe it was just the pot. LOL That was too much paranoia for me so after that night I never took the pot again...until tonight! LOL SO I had to find the supremely talented one again, and try this journey with him one more time. I apologize for my really long comment. I'm just so happy ...ecstatic, really, that I was able to find his music on YouTube. I wasn't even sure I had his name correct, but, I saw the album cover for The Sacred Fire and I did a happy dance.  Have any of you fans like me (who have made it through this long and embarrassing comment I;ve written just now) found or heard of anyone or any music group similar out there? If so, I'd love it if you could list any for me. I'm always up for discovering/listening to new stuff, so thanks to anyone who got this far. I'm sorry. Apparently now that i'm old, I like to talk while on the pot. 20 years ago I'd find a dark corner to hide in and beg for my space. LOL   Peace and Love friends.

T.C. Shep

I am replying 6 years later to this question of any other good music of similar nature. Look for an artist called " 7and5" , its not flute based but has a similar melodic ( take you places) type feel to it. His music is here on Youtube. For a teaser look for the song Hands To the Sky. If you like that he has tons of other good stuff.


Nicholas Gunn has a lot of good music out there. Also, similar fro the guitar side is Ottmar Liberty, Govi, Johann Linstead, Jesse Cook, Oscar Lopez, Shahin & Sepher, and others off the top of my head.

gargoyle gangster

Amy Higgins long story but hey maybe mom and pop had just finished a blunt of their own ?


muito obrigado adorei esta musica quando ouvia na rádio.

Rodrigo Carvalho

Nicholas Gunn , muito bom, arranjos, músicas, tudo com muita qualidade.


I love this album!!  I've been playing it for years....always goes with me on long drives! :)

María Elena Vidal Arangua

Preciosa su música, hay quietud, esperanza, relajación, encontrar tu propio interior y ser feliz.

Alexa Rodriguez

There is nothing like your music 🎶 makes me feel so connected to Earth 🌎 thank you

Valéria Silvana Amaral

Excelente! Muita qualidade!

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