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Arkham City Main Theme
Nick Arundel Lyrics

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Sub 2 Me 4 No Reason

My top 10 superhero games ever made:

1. Batman: Arkham City
2. Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows
3. Batman: Arkham Asylum
4. Spider-Man: Edge Of Time
5. Ultimate Spider-Man
6. Batman: Arkham Knight
7. Spider-Man PS4
8. Batman: Arkham Origins
9. The Amazing Spider-Man
10. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The Slasher

Batman: “Oracle, Strange is launching missile strikes in Arkham City From Wonder Tower. You Shut this place down Jokers taken Talia I’m going after him”

Oracle: “You can’t hundreds will be killed I need your help to stop the attack”

Batman: “He’ll kill Talia”

Alfred: “You need to think this through. Batman can’t let all these people die”

Batman: “My Trackers not activating, Reroot all WayneTech satellites to boost the single”

Alfred: “Can’t do that, I realise it is difficult sir but you need to decide if one life is worth sacrificing to save a thousand”

Batman: “Don’t do this Alfred”

Alfred: “Batman must save Gotham, I’m sorry but deep down you know I’m right”

Batman: “Oracle do not loose Talias single, Ok the towers locked down no way in without the code, one of the choppers will be carrying the master control program, I just need to find that chopper”

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martial arts,music and history

You can't feel nostalgic when you never stopped playing

kyle cooper

respect to love a game that much

Michael Moffitt

@The Mad Titan I've had the game of the year edition since 2013 and I've replayed the game at least 15 times since then

The Mad Titan

@jokingskull Yeah, they're really exhausting.


@The Mad Titan I've literally never finished the riddler challenges. I love everything else about Arkham City, but tracking down all those riddler trophies makes me want to take the big sleep.

Júlio 123


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Ramon 16

This game is a 10/10

Edit : A thousand likes, I didn't think this simple comment would win so many likes, people really enjoy to boast the batman ,and lets be honest this game is one of the few that you stayed in the main menu just to hear this magnificent soundtrack .

Bolillo 701

I thought I was the only one who used to do that :,)

kurt Cobain

Some say its the best game of all time.

Star Killer

@Matt Mercer's Stunt Double Spider-Man PS4 is overrated. combat feels so easy and repetitive.

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