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Master of Shadows
Nick Phoenix Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

One Brick to Rule them All

Underrated Masterpiece...!

Rolando Davila-Beltran

I'm enjoy this song, The music is legend. Nick Phoenix & Two Steps from Hell doing amazing composing.

Ken Calvert

Easily the most "Bad-Ass" ringtone ever... bought "Invincible" on Amazon when it came out and made this my primary ring tone. Never fails to illicit a "who the hell is that" from someone that hears it... to which I say, "funny that you should say that because it's by, Two Steps from Hell"!! And then I share a youtube link to their music. If you like an artist support their music... $9 for 20 epic tracks is a deal!!

alex phillips

Two Steps From Hell needs to do an epic Batman theme

Martijn van Weele

Try He Who Brings the Night.


No light is needed for my shadows, I'm the master of them, I hold the power of darkness, those archangels, with their black blades, and strength of a thousand men, jump into battle with me. Foolish. After the fall, the dark ages will set opon the skyworld


PINKE nice

Zhu Qu

lol. nice! using names of several songs in a dramatic story.


when you listen this for very first time your life change forever...

Dominic Hill


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