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A Hudson Cycle
by Nico Muhly

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Comments from YouTube:

Alden Nagel

Where can I get the sheet music? And is there a free pdf file you can upload? Please?

Stephen Jablonsky

Yes. There are people who appreciate the soundscape Muhly crafts for us. In the 20th century we were challenged to listen to music that occasionally did not have melody, or harmony, or meter, or any combination thereof. This piece has harmony and meter in sufficient quantities to deny the need for melody as we traditionally think of it. I find this very relaxing and good for floor based reverie.

alphabet661 Chris Sahar

Windchimes can do the same and are far cheaper and much more energy efficient.


Does anyone really enjoy listening to this?

Christina Green

Absolutely. It is evocative, relaxing and engaging.


jaspernatchez oh yes

Jack Wheeler

Yes. And playing it is even more fun!


+Bo Dewsnap Well, so now I'm stupid, yet you to take my music and my comments seriously. Do you often take seriously the music and comments written by stupid people? I suppose you probably understand what that implies about your intelligence, right? On second thought, probably not...


+Bo Dewsnap "honestly, I wouldn't have taken those bullshit remarks seriously, until I saw your compositions..." So now that you've seen my compositions, you take my remarks seriously, i.e. my compositions have proven to you my seriousness. I can live with that.

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The piece is performed incorrectly between measures 18/19. An extra beat is added in there somewhere. Fail.

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