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Dancin' Shoes
Nigel Olsson Lyrics

Too many long conversations
And no one is hearin a word
Just tryin to escape the frustrations
Till a song in the night can be heard

Put on your dancin shoes
Throw out those one-night blues
Heres one to love and to chance
For a spin on that wheel of romance

Too slow to unriddle your problems
Too lonely for someone to care
Long, lonely silence keeps haunting
Till the song in the night finds you there

Put on your dancin shoes
Throw out those one-night blues
And her...

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Ryoji Miyajima

One week before I came to USA. This song was on radio in Japan. I was only 19 them
Time files. 1979 brand new Ford Mustang
Was 5000 dollars then. Pinto was 3800
Gas wa 80 cents No security gate at Airport . America was very secure then

In Houston now waiting for second grand
Daughter ! God bless USA

Also glad Nigel is still alive!

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Matt Storie

My dad wrote this song.. Although I’m in my 20’s, I grew up listening to it at my dad’s concerts. It still gives me chills knowing that the great Nigel Olsen performed it!

Marinela Paciello

One of My favourites olddies!!!

Abe Lincoln

@Kenneth Lalla Yes, he is 73, alive and well


I remember buying this 45
..once upon a time

Barry White

Carl is still alive and performing. Awesome guy!

Rhonda Dodd

Wow what a wonderful memory to have!..

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Michael Ireland

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks, "How lucky we were to have grown up during this musical era."

Luis Gerardo Amador Espino

Right!!!!! Let´s go back in time!!!!

Harry S. Anchan

LOVE this song. Wow! Those memories of 1978. Makes me sad those days cannot come back. When music was music. Released December 2, 1978 reaching #18 on March 2, 1979. Should have been #1.

frank wildman

@John S funny so true. Sting just said that todays music has no bridges to their songs today. The music today has no meaning anymore. It’s all about the popular thing that’s out now. Hip hop, rap is the music today. I can’t stand it!

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