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Serpent Sun
by Nightbringer

"For body's sleep became
the soul's awakening, and closing
of the eyes - true vision"

Awake my void-drunk eyes
Amidst the tumult of filth and rats
Awake amidst the waves of dismal Lethe
And behold in truth at last

Sunk and sunk and sunk have I
Into skin and sin and sleep
Yet this wasteland has revealed a gate
And my heart holds its key
O pierce the webs of dream
Pierce my cold lifeless heart
Nightbringer, lightbringer
Infernal firstborn spark
Ignite my funeral altar
And let me rise like the dawn
From the dregs of darkest ignorance
To the blinding light of your throne

So grant me now that sacred drink
From the spring of memory
Grant me those secret songs
That shall lull the stars to sleep

And when the night falls blackest
in the slumbering underground
Shall my woken soul take flight
On the rays of the serpent sun

I dance in maddest fervor
Ever backwards through death's door
And beneath my hooves of steel
Break the masks that I once wore
O, see how bright it burns
That fire for which I seek

That the faces of angels boil off
and their ashes sing its majesty!
Praise thee!
The muses of the ogdoad!
That thine secret psalmody
Paeon! Apollon!
Speak through me thine prophecy!

Higher and higher! Beyond the seven I shall reach
Blind my sight with gold and blood and lapis lazuli
Deeper and deeper! Into the very heart of the sun
Below the shadows fall in multitude
but here the light is one

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