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Flight of the Bumblebee
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Lyrics

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The Great Kat To be submitted to the Guinness Book Of World Records…

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Emily Jimmy

0:00 : homework is due tomorrow morning
0:50 : homework is due in a few hrs
1:03 : homework is due next session
1:23 : next session starts in a few minutes
1:36 : have to reach class early to finish homework
1:52 : rushes through school to reach class that’s on the other side
2:00 : reaches classroom
2:23 : quickly starts writing 40 pg essay
2:43 : everyone arrives in class
2:50 : teacher says to hand in their homework
2:54 : teacher is almost near you
3:07 : quickly starts to write the last paragraph
3:20 : hands in homework

Tim Davis

Always been a nature lover. From an early age, I can recall looking through a book on wild animals, we had in the house,
that had everything from Beatles to Buffalo, and even Bumblebees.
My favorite big cat was the Tiger, and I couldn't help noticing the way Bee's shared that black/yellowish orange tone. So I found them intriguing.
Of course after finding out just how important they are to the ecosystem, they gained even more respect.
So whenever I hear this piece, my mind envisions a busy little colony in a field of radiant blossoms, buzzing around, doing what Bee's have done for millions of years.
Thank You little friends.
And thank you Nikolai.

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Iris Martinez

I always have thought the composer when he was creating this he was playing a different thing with the orchestra and a bumblebee then appeared and attacked him and he defended himself with the baton and everyone plays what he's instructing


Oh I love the visions this comment gave me!💯😆🐝🐝🐝


Makes no sense but cool

Black Akita

💀can't unhear or see

Joeri Lapin


Chris M.h


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Amy Elizabeth

As a great violinist who plays every note in perfect tune once said:

“If you can play it slowly, you can play it quickly.”

Vaporwave Music - 1998 -






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