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First Defeat
Noah Gundersen Lyrics

It's the first defeat
It cuts you to your bones
Knocks you off your feet
And you discover that home
Is not a person or a place
But a feeling you can't get back

Then the second round
Throws you to the floor
Leaves you stuttering
What the hell was that for?
Takes you by surprise
Like the bullet you never saw coming

This will be the last time
This will be the last time
This will be the last time
You take me

It's the little things
That convince me to stay
It's your fingertips
And the music they play
To the beat of my heart
And the rhythm our bodies make

But this will be the last time
Honey, this will be the last time
This will be the last time
You take me

Oh, you're kissing me again
Oh, and I can't see it
You've got a lot of nerve
Throw me out the way you did
You've got a lot of nerve
Half-naked in my bed
You said

This will be the last time
This will be the last time
This will be the last time
You take me

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Noah Daniel Gundersen

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Comments from YouTube:

Mats Thømt

Noah is amazing. Hits the soul every fuckin time. Sure, maybe he is a bit underrated. But most people doesn't appreciate this type of music. Real, emotional, and pure Music.

Ray Rodriguez

+undergroundnights Yeah he the is man he's so unique and deep. And he wears that in his music and that's what makes him an artist

Mats Thømt

+undergroundnights don't doubt that my friend


+Mats Thømt Truth, truth. I saw him last month live and it was awesome, sounds even better.


Listen to your heart when he's calling for you
Listen to your heart there's nothing else you can do


Just shattering. Makes me not want to even think about picking up my guitar. Awesome. This dude, his sister and his band, are amazing.

Kato Khaelan

Discovered this song on Spotify. Just incredible

John O'Sullivan

his acoustic kills me its the best for 20 years to come! Soulful Simple and Saintly they fiddle take this song to a new dimension!

Jeremy Burgess

this man is a national treasure

Adam Jennings

Noah Gundersen is my absolute favorite acoustic artist ever. I play acoustic and do vocals myself and I play at least 3 or 4 songs by him during my shows and I just finished a cover album with 3 songs by him on it. I think I even like some of his live performances better because of the emotion he has when he sings. Watch Family live by him. You can feel the pain in his voice. It's fantastic. Keep it going Noah. You're dope

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